Former RNC Chairman, Former Lt. Gov. Maryland, Political Analyst for MSNBC, Host of The Michael Steele Podcast

When he was elected Lt. Governor of Maryland in 2003, Michael Steele made history as the first African American elected to statewide office; and again with his subsequent chairmanship of the Republican National Committee in 2009.


Sunday, September 20 10am Jonathan Capehart (MSNBC)
Monday, September 21  12pm Andrea Mitchell Reports (MSNBC)
Monday, September 21 4pm  Deadline: White House (MSNBC) 
Tuesday, September 22  11am Live with Craig Melvin (MSNBC)
Wednesday, September 23  3pm Live with Ayman Molyeldin (MSNBC)




Executing the Endgame. Wait, you gotta know what it is first. @TaraSetmayer from @ProjectLincoln drops by the podcast to talk some inside shop on the game to end the crazy.

Oh I see how this works, we lock their children in cages, build a wall to keep them out and the GOP will have a "generational edge with Hispanic voters" if Trump nominates Barbara Lagoa to the Supreme Court. Gee, I wonder how she would rule on that children in cages thing?

Erick Erickson@EWErickson

The nominee will be Hispanic and I shall pop popcorn and watch the Democrats destroy the person while then costing themselves the election and giving the GOP a generational edge with Hispanic voters.


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