President Donald Trump’s campaign sent out a cease and desist letter to television networks threatening lawsuits and claiming that he would pull their FCC license if they didn’t stop airing a Priorities USA ad using Trump’s own words against him.

Due to the threats of legal action, the internet has exploded and spread the ad everywhere and networks reporting on the ad have given it free air time.

Such was the case when MSNBC addressed the ad Thursday. Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) unleashed on the president saying he was “a joke” for trying to get it off the air.

“First of all, it’s an effective political ad, the best ads are ads where the person is actually speaking and makes the point for themselves,” she said. “Nobody is manipulating his voice there. That’s what he said. Now, the cease and desist orders, Nicole, as you well know, what a joke. I mean, the fact that he is paying someone to make these threats, what a chump he is.”

She laughed at Trump, saying he thinks that he is a brilliant businessman, but he’s wasting money on lawyers trying to get ads off the air. She encouraged using the cease and desist letters on supplies like toilet paper.

“It is silly that he thinks he can get that ad taken down,” she continued. “I think you’re going to see a lot more of that kind of advertising as this cycle goes on because Trump said these things. He did these things and it is — he is probably the most powerful case that Joe Biden has in terms of his campaign for president.”

Former RNC chair Michael Steele said that now isn’t exactly the time to play politics, but McCaskill and host Nicolle Wallace disagreed, saying that Trump is using the White House podium to host a tax-payer funded campaign rally.

“I mean, we have people in emergency rooms today in America, the wealthiest country in the world that cannot stay safe because the president has refused to do what he needs to do to give them the protection they need on the frontlines,” McCaskill countered. “Watching what’s happening in New York, I have a daughter and her husband who live in New York. FaceTiming with her, for a mother, is so hard because she’s scared to death. And the notion that this is going on in New York and he is not doing what is necessary to get the supplies out there, I think it’s important that people be reminded his failures and how he minimized what this was and didn’t rise to the occasion and get the protection out there for health care workers.”